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Unlike many other Miami webcams, installation location of this unit is not Miami Beach, and the central part of Miami on the mainland. As often happens in such cases, a webcam mounted on the facade of a high-rise hotel – InterContinental Miami. Despite the fact that the hotel is geographically refers to the area Down Town (the business center of the city), with the help of the web camera you do not see a lot of high-rise buildings and an endless stream of road transport, which follows between the typical streets and between the office buildings. Due to the fact that the webcam is turned to the side of the bay, you can see a real-time one of the attractions of central Miami – Bayfront Park.

As you can guess, park got its name because of its location on the bay. Bayfront Park can not boast of a vast territory, but it is a popular vacation spot of locals and tourists – both from the US and from other countries. park popular with locals explained quite simply. Americans generally love parks – both for sport in the morning, and for day trips and weekend getaway. In addition Bayfront Park has a large outdoor amphitheater, which periodically hosts various concerts and performances. With this Miami webcam you can also see the amphitheater – left in the central region of the playback window. The stage itself is turned the other way, but many rows of seats you can see.

You can also see in the background a little yachts – luxury water transport – it is really dream of all Americans. but not park. However, not a park, not a fountain in it and not a yacht club to do Bayfront Park popular among foreigners. If you look closely in the upper area of the webcam, then you will definitely see the road bridge. In this place begins to Harbor Boulevard – the road that connects the city center to the port of Miami and the largest in the region, the terminal for cruise ships. And a huge Miami port and cruise terminal with offices leading cruise companies are located on one of the islands in the bay, which makes it very convenient mooring multistory cruise liners and not smaller freighters.

The webcam works online around the clock and with the sound, but it’s still the best time for viewing is a light day, when the video becomes the maximum contrast and detail. At night, same time, due to lack of coverage is better observe Miami locations where a lot of artificial light. For example, on Ocean Drive. As is the case with other online Miami webcams (which provided by EarthCam), you have the option if you want to zoom in and out objects in the frame, using multiple virtual buttons in the upper left area of the playback window. Enjoy watching!

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