Live webcam Maldives – Amazing beach of Meeru island

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This live webcam Maldives broadcasts from the picturesque Meeru Island, or rather from one of the wonderful beaches on this island. Like most other resort islands in the Maldives, Meeru Island has a bright lush vegetation that occupies most of the island’s territory and is surrounded by a strip of white sand from all sides. The island of Meeru is not very large (1500 meters in length and 600 meters in width), so you can easily get around it around the perimeter in just 45-50 minutes. Another name of this island resort is Meerufenfushi and this second name can sometimes be found on the tourist maps of the Maldives Republic. With this online webcam you can see one of the magnificent ocean beaches on the east side of the island. It is in this part that all the best beaches of the island of Meeru are located, which attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. Beaches on the west coast are also good, but the comfort of resting on them depends on the time of the year.

However, as you can see, there is never a crowd of tourists and rest on Meeru is very secluded and quiet. This feature of rest on the resort islands of Maldives is especially appreciated by those who come here for a honeymoon, when loving young people want to be in a romantic setting and alone. However, one should not think that this island is deprived of the usual benefits of civilization and it is necessary to live on it in reed huts. For the convenience of tourists, the island has comfortable chalets on the beach, as well as a number of specially built on piles multi-bedroom bungalows above the water. Maximum privacy is offered by special bungalows for newlyweds, which are located further away from the shore and connected to the island by picturesque wooden paths above the water.

That tourists could not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of the island of Meeru, swim in crystal clear water and sunbathe on the beach, inside the island there are small plantations for the cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits, most of which is the diet of tourists. Due to mild climate, fertile soil and eternal summer, fruits and vegetables on the island ripen throughout the all year. With this webcam Maldives online it’s easy to make sure that the sea water on the beaches of the island has a very beautiful light green color and is characterized by high transparency. Therefore, right on the beach you can sometimes watch barracuda, tuna and other bright representatives of the Indian Ocean. At some distance from the coast there is a beautiful coral reef, which can be easily reached by a special boat. In this way. the island of Meeru is a universal resort where it will be equally interesting to have a rest for couples in love and families with children. This live webcam Maldives,¬†which provides by Skylinewebcams works around the clock, but at night visibility is limited. Enjoy watching!

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