Live webcam Krakow – Old Market Square

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Another one cult place in Krakow, which is the center of attraction for tourists. This webcam in Krakow online allows you to see not the entire area, but only part of it, which is located next to the main temple in this part of town – a grand church of St. Mary. Old Market Square is one of the largest in Europe, as can be seen by noting its size in the frame relative to the pedestrians are on it. On the left side of the webcam window can be seen one of the most beautiful buildings of Cracow (in my opinion, from this perspective it is not very noticeable) – Cloth Hall, which divides this old market square into two parts (the second part of a little less than this). The building, constructed in the 13th century and rebuilt in stone in the 14th century in the Gothic style, is very picturesque and is a real gem of Krakow’s Main Market Square.

Currently inside Cloth Hall located long gallery with its many souvenir shops with an excellent selection of magnets on the fridge, products from amber, wood, metal, clay, gypsum, etc. There are point and the national clothing, Cracow lace and other handicrafts. Despite the location in the heart of the city, you can find the prices very affordable, but the bargain is not accepted, because prices mostly fixed. Along the perimeter of the Main Market Square in Kraków (or the area of the Main Market, as it is called by the locals), which also can be seen with the help of the web camera online, by long tradition of tourist towns are numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants with a not very low prices (although exceptions yet there). Broadcast of this high quality webcam Krakow provides in 24/7 mode.

With this webcam Krakow with spectacular views of the Market Square and St. Mary’s Church, can be seen in the very center of the square a monument to the famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz on a high pedestal. Around the monument –  lampposts and benches, which in the evenings (and often in the afternoon) are occupied by tourists and local youth. By the way, the monument itself, or rather its stepped pedestal, is also perfectly suited for gatherings of evening. It is gratifying to find yourself in the middle of the evening and night life of the city, sitting on the warm granite, hourly listening sounds from the church tower St. Mary’s Trumpet Call window, watching the fire-show, locals and tourists. Since the beginning of December to the end of January at the Old Market Square in Krakow, you can see the city’s main Christmas tree. Have fun, and memorable excursions to the Market Square in Krakow!

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