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Due to the fact that Kemer’s beach webcam is currently not active, this page presents 2 Kemer webcams online, which are located at the foot of Tahtali mountain and on the top (the cameras periodically change each other). This mountain peak dominates the Antalya region in Turkey and is visible from afar. For many centuries, Mount Tahtali was one of the landmarks for the sailors of the Mediterranean, a natural and always recognizable beacon for mariners. In 2007, a modern cable car was built on the Tahtalı mountain. Now everyone has the opportunity not only to admire the mountain from the coast, but also to see the surroundings of Turkey for many kilometers around, including the territory of a number of Mediterranean resorts in Turkey.

The cable car to the Tahtalı mountain is called Olympos Teleferik. Its length is 4 kilometers 350 meters. Special closed cabins overcome this distance in just 10 minutes, but the trip always leaves an indelible impression. The cabins can accommodate up to 80 passengers, but are rarely 100% full. The upper station is located at an altitude of 2365 meters above sea level. And given the fact that this place provides a panoramic 360-degree view, it immediately becomes clear that the views are stunning. Most of the year the top of the mountain is covered with ice and snow, which in the spring acquire a pink hue due to the sand brought by the Sahara desert winds.

You can see that part of Mount Tahtali is devoid of vegetation. Due to the high altitude and harsh temperatures, vegetation is completely absent at an altitude of approximately 1900 meters above sea level. Kemara’s first webcam is located at the lower cable car station. There you can see the supports of the cable car, buses in the parking lot and many people who have chosen this entertainment in Kemer. The lower station is located at an altitude of 726 meters, but even at such a height you can see an extensive panorama of mountains and the sea coast. Of course, the second Kemer webcam is even more interesting, because it provides a panoramic view from the top of the highest mountain in the Anatolian coast of Turkey.

Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to visit this place in person (the cost of the cableway in two directions is 33 euros for adults and 16 euros for children), then you can always admire the interesting panorama of the surroundings of Kemer and part of the southern coast of Turkey – this webcam is always your service. For convenience, you can expand the webcam to full screen. And to remove textual information from the screen, click on the cross in the upper left part of the screen and restart the broadcast using the refresh button in the center of the screen. Enjoy watching!

/ Below is a description of the old webcam on the coast of the resort /

Live webcam of Kemer, which is available on this page, perfectly complements a selection of Turkish webcams on In addition, at the moment it is the only full-fledged web-cam of Kemer resort and in the surrounding area of this resort, available for public viewing. The new webcam is located on the territory of a luxury five-star hotel: Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Resort, which is located on the first line from the sea, in close proximity to the beautiful beach with a length of over 600 meters. Webcam Kemer work around the clock (in the evening switches to black and white mode) and seven days a week, at the same time provides the video broadcast in high definition that allows everybody to consider in detail the territory of this hotel and actual situation on the beach area.

Kemer no way inferior to the popularity of Marmaris, where there are currently a lot of web-cameras in real time. So it was a bit strange that until this moment had nothing to please fans of this resort, which would like to see it with the help of online webcams. Of course, on the Internet for some time, you can find a few other webcams in the surroundings of Kemer. However, their poor quality, the installation in mountainous areas and work in the slideshow mode (with the update images every 5-10 minutes) make these webcams are not interesting for those who are first of all I would like to see a more familiar and pleasing to the eye tourist spots of this region of Turkey. Firstly, of course it is a coastal strip of the resort – the beach area and comfortable beach hotels.

Hotel Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Resort, on the territory of which is set this camera online, is not located directly in Kemer, and 18 kilometers away – a picturesque resort village of Tekirova. In the foreground of the webcam – two huge swimming pools, which are not the only ones in this hotel, but which is a favorite destination of guests, because they are located almost on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by landscaped tropical vegetation – trees and beautifully manicured shrubs. The first pool is surrounded by lots of sun beds, and in the second attention is drawn to an artificial island with palm trees in the center.

The lens of webcam Tekirova (Kemer, Turkey) come closest to the sea, the facades of the hotel buildings, as well as part of the hotel located at the beach. Given the fact that the other normal online webcams Kemer and the surrounding area of the resort simply does not exist, with the help of this camera you can see the weather at the resort in real time (at least, the presence of the waves of the sea, as the rains in the region are very rare ).Also I am sure that the webcam will be useful to those who are already resting at the Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Resort or just going to relax in Kemer and around the resort, but has not yet made the choice of the hotel. By the way, you can find the best prices for accommodation at the hotel once in all booking systems, using the hotel’s widget on this page. Happy viewing and relaxation in Kemer!

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