Live webcam Hurghada – View of the Red Sea

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The popular webcam of Hurghada, located on the territory of the classy hotel Shiva Grand Beach, located on the very shore of the Red Sea, just 4 kilometers from the airport of Hurghada and 8 kilometers to the south of the city center, to which all hotel guests can daily travel to Absolutely free shuttle-bass (more precisely, included in the cost of living in the hotel). Hotel Siva Grand Beach has a beautiful territory, with neat paths and plants. First of all, these are picturesque date palms, which can be seen with the help of this web camera online from Hurghada. A large number of these trees creates a pleasant shade during the daytime heat, and a beautiful thick crown and hanging bunches of large date fruits with each glance at them pleases the eye and remind you in which country you are.

One of the features of the hotel Siva Grand Beach is the presence of its own long sand spit, leaving from the shore to the Red Sea. You can see it with the help of this online webcam Hurghada – in the central part of the frame, behind the palm trees. Also, a special feature of the hotel is a very wide sandy beach, which has up to thirteen rows of umbrellas with sun loungers. At the same time, there is enough space for rest, because the distance is chosen in such a way that the guests of the hotel do not interfere with each other during the beach holiday. Of course, there is a hotel and a large swimming pool (heated), which is not included in the lens of the webcam. In the upper right corner of the video window, you can often see a few snow-white yachts that float in the sea or return to the shore.

You can not see it in the picture, but right next to Siva Grand Beach, on the beach of a neighboring hotel, you have your own pier, from which you can go on a sea voyage through the red sea. For example, on a local attraction – “paradise island” Giftun or to one of many places for diving or snorkeling, which is very popular due to the rich underwater world in the region of Hurghada (as well as along almost the whole coast of the Red Sea in Egypt). Webcam Hurghada from the hotel Shiva Grand Beach runs around the clock, and to start it does not need to press any buttons: a few seconds after loading the page, streaming video will automatically play. I wish you a pleasant viewing and an unforgettable holiday under the palm trees on the shore of the Red Sea in Hurghada!

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