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This original live webcam Cancun with sound allows you to see in real time the vast panorama of this famous Mexican resort, which is currently among the top ten resorts of our planet. A distinctive feature of Cancun is the location of this resort in the easternmost part of Mexico, on the Yucatán Peninsula. At the same time the resort with the best hotels is located on a long and narrow sand spit, whose width is on average 400 meters, and the length is about thirty kilometers. With this live webcam Cancun with panoramic views of the resort you can see this resort feature and its main natural attraction – the unusually beautiful beaches and the bright blue Caribbean Sea.

The long sand spit on which Cancun is located resembles the digit “7”. And this web camera with a panoramic view of the resort is closer to the top of the “seven” and we can see exactly that part of the resort where the horizontal and vertical sections of digit “7” are connected. The beaches at the top of the spit are distinguished by a very calm sea thanks to Isla Mujeres (the Island of Women). This island is located 10 kilometers from Cancun and protects the northern part of the resort from the big waves of the Caribbean Sea. The bay between the mainland and this island is called the Bay of Women. But the southern (lower) part of Cancun does not have natural protection in the form of an island, so there you can almost always see beautiful waves of the open sea. This part of the resort is preferred by those people who like active types of water sports and those who simply like to look at the big beautiful waves of the azure sea.

On the left side you can notice the inner sea gulf, the water in which always differs from the water in the open sea in a darker color. In this part of the resort there are also hotels that cost less, but the view from the windows is not as impressive as in hotels on the beaches of the high seas. In general, the entrance to all municipal beaches in Cancun is free, and cheap modern air-conditioned public buses run along the beach area. This Cancun webcam with a panoramic view of the resort is located in the Hotel Beach Palace Cancun. This 4.5 star resort work like a “All inclusive” hotel and has its own sandy beach. Most rooms have balconies and offer views of the magnificent Caribbean Sea.

Webcam, broadcast by Webcamsdemexico, works around the clock. The timer in the upper right corner of the webcam allows you to make sure that the broadcast is carried out in real time. There you can see the current date and the actual time in the eastern part of Mexico, where this resort is located. Definitely, the best time to watch is a light day. The sound of this Cancun webcam allows us not only to see the panorama of the resort, but also to hear the sound of the sea and better feel the situation at this famous resort in Mexico. Enjoy watching!

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