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This live webcam Cancun is located in the northern part of the resort area, near the beach of Caracol – one of the best in this Mexican resort. Because of the Island of Women, which located 8 km to the northeast of the mainland, in this part of the resort there is almost always a calm sea, i.е. there are practically no large waves. The sand on the beaches in this part of Cancun have a very light color, almost white. All this makes the water perfectly transparent and gives it a bright blue hue in good sunny weather. Swimming in such water brings real pleasure, especially since the sea in this area of ​​the resort is not very shallow and not very deep – ideal for swimming. Since the webcam is located in the northern part of the hotel zone of Cancun, with the help of it you can see in the distance (on the opposite shore of the Gulf of Women) directly Mexican city of Cancun, where the locals live.

The entire hotel zone in Cancun, which is located on a large sand spit in the form of a number “7” and has a length of about 30 kilometers, can be divided into two large parts. For the convenience of tourists, in Cancun, it is customary to indicate, in which kilometer this or that hotel is located. This refers to the approximate distance to the hotel from the beginning of the resort area in the northwestern part of the sand spit. All the beaches in the area of ​​the hotel zone, which are located from the second to the ninth kilometer, are distinguished by a calm sea without waves, tk. they are geographically located in the Gulf of Women (the horizontal part of the figure is “7”). But those hotels that are located from 10 to 22 km and below (ie, in the vertical part of the figure “7”) are on the beaches of the open Caribbean Sea, where almost always there are large or small waves. The water here can be somewhat less transparent during strong waves, but the view is just as stunning.

Fiesta Americana Villas Cancún Resort, which hosts this online Cancun webcam, is located on the 9th kilometer of the hotel zone, and the Playa Caracol area, which can be reached on foot in a few minutes. This luxury hotel has a category of 5 stars and has a very high rating of, which exceeds 9 points. Unlike a number of neighboring hotels that are built in the form of reinforced concrete multi-storey buildings, this is a low-rise apartment hotel with very spacious rooms, a private kitchen and a sea view from each room. The hotel has its own beach, which is not large, but because of the small number of guests at the hotel, it is never crowded. In addition, in the neighborhood there are beaches of other hotels, where you can go without any problems, as well as the already mentioned beach Karakol Beach). For those who want diversity and do not want to eat at the hotel all the time, there are a lot of restaurants, clubs and shops nearby. the distance to Cancun International Airport is about 25 km.

Live webcam of Cancun, broadcast by Webcamsdemexico, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although sometimes there are times when a webcam may be temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. The timer in the upper right corner of this webcam makes sure that the broadcast is actually carried out in real time. With the help of a timer, we can see today’s date and the current time in Mexico (in the Cancun area). As always, the best time to watch this Cancun webcam in the northern part of the resort is a light day, although the presence of artificial lighting at the Fiesta Americana Villas Cancún allows us to see part of the territory with the pool even at night. Enjoy watching!

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