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With the help of a live webcam of Budapest, which is available on this page, we can in real time to see the famous Váci street. This street is already more than two centuries, is considered to be the main shopping street of Budapest, although its present name this street got only in 1899 year. In present time the territory of the Hungarian capital has a very large area, but many years ago the length of the Vaci street (a little less than 1300 meters) was equal to the length of the entire city. It is the main shopping street on the left bank of the Danube River (in Pest) in the historic district Belvarosh.The street stretches from the northwest in the direction of south-eastern and runs parallel to the river Danube (no more than 0.2 km away from it). A distinctive feature of this street is its small width. For the convenience of tourists and residents of Budapest, these days all length of Váci street and most of the small neighboring side streets  – it is pedestrian zone.

With this webcam Budapest you have the opportunity to see the beginning of Váci street on Vörösmarty Square. This is the northern part of the street, which is located opposite the famous Gerbeaud House, where you can try the most famous confection Hungarian capital – Gerbeaud. If you do not want to just see the area of the city with the help of online webcam, but a visit to Budapest in real life and take a walk along the shopping street Vaci utca, you must remember one rule. All length of shopping street can be divided into two almost equal parts. In this case the boundary of these parts runs along the wide street Kossuth Lajos, which begins at the Elisabeth bridge and crosses the street Vaci utca. The more popular for tourist destination is the northern part of the shopping street Váci, where on the first floor you can find shops and boutiques of famous brands, as well as many cafes and restaurants. As always happens in the popular tourist places, the prices here are quite high.

But the southern part of the shopping street, Váci utca, which currently can not be seen with the help of Budapest webcams, is more popular with the locals. Therefore, if you are primarily interested in quality, but not very expensive items, or you want to eat in a good restaurant for little money – it is better to choose this part of the street. Especially since the southern end of Váci street is located on Fёvam square, and is very close to the famous Central Market of Budapest – a very beautiful building with a good selection of souvenirs and food products inside. On the Vaci street you can see a lot of people almost at any time, and in the winter with the help of this online web cam, you can see one of the Christmas trees set on Vörösmarty Square right in front of Váci Street. To get to this street very easy, you can use urban subway, and is most advantageous to use the daily ticket to Budapest. Enjoy watching!

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