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Canggu Beach, which can be seen with the help of this webcam Bali, located in the southwestern part of the island, to the west of the administrative capital – the city of Denpasar. Unlike the previous webcam on Kata Beach, this cam a little closer to the sea and below above ground level. Direct distance between the beaches of Kata and Canggu is about 10 kilometers, but the beach Canggu never crowded. This is due not only to the fact that the entire Canggu district is not as crowded as Kuta. The beach in this area of the island is quite wide, but because of the big waves it is not well suited for swimming and, especially, for a beach holiday with small children.

And if you open the web camera and see the swimmers people – most likely you found the rare occurrence when the sea near the shore at low tide calm and allows you to not just splash around in the shallow water near the shore, and to fully enjoy a swim in the Indian Ocean. But over 90% of time, sea on the coast Canggu very hectic. At the same time the danger comes not only from the huge waves, which are often significantly higher than the height of human growth, but the undercurrents, which are fraught with the danger of not less. However, these features of the beach make it popular with surfers from around the world. Excellent waves at almost any time of the year and a minimum of bathers on the beach – what else is needed for a good riding on wave?

Neighborhood Beach Canggu is located in a large bay, therefore with the help of the web camera, broadcast of which provides BaliForum channel, you can see not only the closest beach area to Canggu, but also the southern part of the island of Bali on the horizon that extends into the ocean in a westerly direction. As is the case with the previous camera, the best time for viewing is a light day. At night, watching the webcam does not make sense because of the low light – you just can not see anything. Another feature of this web camera is that with it you can sometimes see the planes. which take off or landing at the international airport of Denpasar, the runway of which just begins right near the bay.

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