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One of the most interesting live webcams in Acapulco. This resort in Mexico is world famous and is the main resort of the country on its entire lengthy Pacific coast. The first thing you can see with this webcam Acapulco is a large bay surrounded by small mountains. It is these mountains that largely contribute to the fact that the resort for most of the year there is excellent weather. At the same time to relax in Acapulco is best from November to May, when the resort dry season. By the end of May, it becomes very hot, and from June to almost the end of October, the maximum amount of precipitation falls here, i.e. in the indicated months the resort has a rainy season.

However, as you can see with the help of this live webcam Acapulco, even in the summer months a lot of sunny days and the color of the water in the ocean is very pleasant, and there are practically no waves. The bay in Acapulco, which can be seen in all its glory in real time, is very picturesque at any time of the year. As a result, this bay is included in the TOP-5 of the most beautiful sea bays in the world in a number of authoritative ratings. And often – at the beginning of this “elite five”. Unlike some other modern resorts that was born from those of small fishing villages at the end of the last century, Acapulco was a popular holiday destination already in the middle of the last century. Since the 1950s, Acapulco has become the favorite resort of the Hollywood stars. Until now, the city has a “Wall of Fame” with fingerprints of many famous representatives of the American cinema industry.

Hotel Elcano, in whose territory this Acapulco webcam is located, is located on the very edge of the beach, ie. on the first line from the ocean. Exit to the beach is carried out directly from the swimming pool area. An important advantage of this hotel is the fact that all rooms with ocean view, i.e. every guest can see the same view of beautiful bay of Acapulco from hotel room. The hotel has a category of 4 stars and earned the highest ratings from the guests. All hotel guests praise large spacious rooms with panoramic ocean views, cleanliness in the area and on the beach, quality food, helpful staff and transport accessibility. It should also be noted that Acapulco is still a resort with a very vibrant nightlife. At the same time Hotel Elcano (El Cano) is not located in the heart of the resort, and about 1 km to the east. This circumstance guarantees the proximity to nightlife while staying in a very quiet place with an excellent sandy beach but without the excess of tourists and unnecessary noise.

Like all webcams broadcasted by Webcamsdemexico, the best time to view the Acapulco webcam is daytime. If you are not living in the United States, Canada or other states of Central or South America, you must remember the time difference. By the way, in the upper right corner of this webcam you can see the current time in Acapulco (Mexico), which will help you choose the optimal time for viewing. Since the broadcast is performed using the popular YouTube service, you can choose the best quality of live video and expand the playback window to full screen, using standard controls for the specified service. Enjoy viewing the Acapulco webcam overlooking the beach and Acapulco Bay in Mexico!

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