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When you open the Acapulco webcam page, you will see the most famous beach in the city – Playa Condesa and its scenic surroundings. This place is loved by both foreign tourists, who came to Acapulco in search of a paradise holiday, and the Mexicans themselves, who are especially numerous here at the weekend. Next to Playa Condesa there are luxury four and five star hotels of the city. One of them, Crown Plaza, built in the early 80s. in the form of a ship, and this gorgeous beach takes its origin from it. Playa Condesa stretches for 655 meters along the Pacific coast. It ends behind the Fiesta Americana Acapulco Villas hotel, on the wall of which this webcam is installed.

Live webcam Acapulco – Playa Condesa gives you the opportunity to see the beautiful bay of Acapulco in all its glory. In the lower right part of the camera you can see the luxurious swimming pool of the  hotel, overlooking the ocean and the bay with the beach. In this pool guests can swim, when they want to relax from the salty waves. Along it there are comfortable chaise lounges under the roof, it is so good to lie here during the hot hours of the day. The hotel offers cozy rooms, from which you can admire the fantastic sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. But even without living here, and being at home, you can see these beautiful landscapes, because this webcam is aimed not only at the bay and the city, but also at the ocean.  It is broadcast in real time by the Webcamsdemexicom service.

On the left side of the  live webcam Acapulco in ocean water, you can see small piles of cliffs and little further away is the island of Farallón del Obispo. It and two other small islands (La Redonda and Morro Chico) are a weak obstacle to the powerful ocean waves, rushing towards the shore. Due to the lack of breakwaters on Playa Condesa the water surface is often restless, therefore only lovers of big waves can swim in windy weather. But, thanks to the noisy ocean, lovers of water sports feel great here. Having a rest on the golden sand of  Condesa beach, they can go water skiing and parasailing. Also here you can try windsurfing and bungee jumping.

It offers those, who prefer a relaxing holiday on the Playa Condesa, lounge chairs and umbrellas. Tropical palm trees grow on the shore, and you can make a lot of beautiful photos against the backdrop of greenery and the ocean. At the left end of the beach (behind the hotel Fiesta Americana Acapulco Villas) there is a piquant zone: homosexuals like to relax here. Numerous boutiques and nightclubs are located along  Condesa beach. So bored in this noisy and rave place you will have no time. And in restaurants and bars, of which there are more than a dozen, you can try the freshest seafood, fish and traditional Mexican dishes. Live webcam Acapulco works with You Tube, which allows you to open the video on full screen and view the beauty of the beach. The advantage of the webcam is a timer, that shows the actual time at the resort, it is especially useful for people in Europe and Asia because of the time difference with Mexico.

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