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New live webcam Bali in Indonesia, which allows you to see one more area of this popular tropical resort. A placement of this webcam is Keramas beach, which is on the south-eastern shore of Bali, not far from the administrative capital of the island. To get here from Denpasar can be only 10-15 minutes, and from the main airport of the island – a half hour. Despite the fairly large length, Keramas Beach is not too popular with tourists, who prefer classic beach holiday. This is due to the fact that too large waves on the beach does not allow to experience the pleasure of swimming in the sea. And often swimming in this beach can even be dangerous, especially for children, because in addition to big waves in some places there are small sharp reefs.

However, there is on the beach and the several features that distinguish it from most other beaches in Bali. In particular, even with the help of the web camera, you can see that the sand on the beach is black or dark gray color. This is due to the fact that this sand is of volcanic origin. People who have never seen the black volcanic sand in Bali or other islands (eg, on Tenerife), often think that it looks too dark and ugly. However, in reality this is very interesting sand glitters under the sunlight, and it looks quite picturesque. Therefore, morning or evening walk along the ocean on the beach Keramas are popular with tourists from around the world who live in luxury hotels and more cheaper hotels in this area of Bali.

But above all, the beach attracts surfers, because it is one of the best places in Bali for the professionals of this type of water sports. It is for professionals, not beginners, because the waves on the beach Keramas are not just big, but also very fast, so newcomers to stay on board very difficult. Not by chance at this beach are regularly held competitions among professionals WSL (World Tour). The best time for skiing on a big wave is the rainy season in Bali, during which the wind right direction prevails. Also, the professionals advise the morning skating (before 7 am), when the wave height optimal. Also Keramas Beach, which you can see using this BaliForum channel webcams, famous for the possibility of night skiing on the wave.

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