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With this new webcam you can see the most famous street in Venice in real time. Of course, the word “street” in this case implies not a carriageway for cars and sidewalks for pedestrians. The Grand Canal in Venice is the city’s main thoroughfare on the water, the widest and most beautiful of the city’s water canals. Not everyone knows, but the Grand Canal is a channel by designation, and not by its original essence. After all, this is not an artificial structure that is intended for water transport, but a natural channel between the islands, which was slightly deepened by the inhabitants of the city to improve navigation. Since there are about a hundred palaces (palazzo) on the banks of the Grand Canal, the inhabitants of Venice often call it the Palace Canal, and this name well characterizes the beauty of this place. The new webcam is located on the facade of the Hotel San Cassiano, which is located in the central part of the city and simultaneously in the central part of the Grand Canal (ie closer to the northern part of the city).

You can book rooms in the hotel on the official website, which is listed at the bottom of the webcam. You can also check the cost of accommodation in the hotel using the Hotellook (direct link to the hotel), where in just a few seconds you can compare the cost of the same number in all popular reservation systems and choose the best option for yourself. As you can see with the help of this and other webcams of the city, from the Grand Canal houses and palaces have no sidewalks and there are only small piers for boats. However, access to buildings by dry is also possible: on the opposite side of the building there is an additional exit. This means that walkers can easily walk on foot throughout the city, using for moving between islands not boats, but pedestrian streets and bridges. Speaking of bridges: there are only four of them on the whole Grand Canal. And the most famous bridge in the city – the Rialto Bridge, is located about 400 meters from the Hotel San Cassiano. To do this, you need to sail to the right on the Grand Canal, which is on the far right side of the webcam or stroll along the narrow streets on foot.

Opposite the webcam on the left is a beautiful palace called Fontano Rezzonico, and the building in the central area of ​​the webcam – a palace with many openwork columns – is recognized as the most elegant palace that was ever built in the Venetian style. The palace, called the “Golden House” by the locals (because of the gold leaf that was originally used in the facade decoration) is called the Ca d’Oro and now there is you can see a rich collection of paintings – the Giorgio Franchetti gallery. Another attraction of Venice, which we can see with the help of this online webcam (in the background), is the bell tower of the Church of the Holy Apostles, built in the second half of the 17th century and is still one of the tallest buildings in the city. Broadcast this online Venice webcam provides YouTube channel I Live You Venice. The webcam is open around the clock, but isometimes a technical break is possible. Enjoy this webcam and a your memorable trip to Venice!

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