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With use this live webcam in Budapest you can see a real-time one of the city’s attractions – Citadel on Gellert Hill, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Defensive fortress at the highest point of the Hungarian capital was built in the mid 19th century and it was designed to accommodate the Austrian garrison. Shortly before the start of construction, the democratic revolution was suppressed in the country. Therefore, if necessary, the Citadel on Gellert Hill was to serve as a safe residence of the Habsburgs, who at that time was ruled by Hungary. Citadel in Budapest is not just a fortress, but also very thoughtful from the engineering point of view of construction. For example, a special network of secret passages allowed to be exit far beyond the Gellert Hill in various locations in Budapest.

Currently, the Citadel on Gellert Hill, which you can see in the center of the webcam window playback, a popular destination for excursions in Budapest. Since this is the highest point in the city, so from the territory of the Citadel opens a very interesting view of the Danube river and the city, as well as Budapest’s bridges. By the way, near to the Gellért Hill Bridge – Bridge Elizabeth – you can also partly be seen in real time with the help of this webcam Budapest. Currently, in the fortress, which has been carefully renovated, located exhibition, which tells not only about the events of the 19th century, but also the time of World War 2, when the citadel was occupied by German troops. Also at the three-storey bunker, which has a total area of about 750 square meters, today is a museum of wax figures.

Entrance to the fort is free, but for the visit to the museum and the exhibition you have to pay 3600 HUF (about USD 12). Another important object, which is located in the Citadel, and you can see with the help of this live webcam Budapest, is the Statue of Liberty. The monument is a 36-meter pedestal with a 14-meter-high figure of a woman who is holding a palm branch. Thus, the total length of the Statue of Liberty is 40 meters and you can see the monument from virtually any area of Budapest. The Statue of Liberty was installed on the Gellért Hill nearly through 100 years after the citadel was open – in 1947 and is dedicated to the soldiers who liberated Hungary from the Nazis. Not far from the citadel are famous Gellert Baths, the path to which you can visit the interesting Roman Catholic church in the cave. This webcam Budapest works around the clock and runs automatically on a page. Enjoy watching!

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