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Another webcam from Elephant Safari Park and Lodge on Bali island. Safari Park was opened in 1997 and now it contains 27 elephants of different ages and gender. Unlike many other similar places, this is not an ordinary elephant village, which was created for the entertainment of tourists. Elephants living in the park belong to one of three species of Asian elephants – Sumatran. Large-scale deforestation across Indonesia has led to a sharp decline in the population of this species for more than 80%. Today officially refers to the kind of on the verge of total annihilation, because the places with the natural habitat conditions and a sufficient amount of plant food in the whole of Indonesia there is not much. And if you are not going in the near future to visit the island of Bali, you can see these majestic and intelligent animals only with webcams from Safari Park.

Elephant Safari Park and Lodge in Bali island, covering an area of 3.5 hectares, is divided into two roughly equal parts. The left part of the park is an area with beautiful landscapes: ponds. trails, exotic trees and shrubs. In this part there are comfortable bungalows for those who come to the safari park is not on excursion, but to live a few days surrounded by tropical nature among the rare elephants (you can book accommodation at a safari park official website – Elephant Safari Park and Lodge). Here it is possible not only to stroke and feed the elephants, but also see the elephant show, take part in bathing the animals, and, of course, take a ride on mighty backs of rare elephants.

The second part of the safari park is just designed for walking animals. Specially equipped trail runs along the perimeter of a large area of pristine Indonesian jungle. This online webcam Bali is set on a section of the elephant trails where elephants are periodically (at most length of the trail is a “wild” appearance than the video). The disadvantages of this camera is the fact that often the front of the lens does not occur any activity and you can only see straight path and its surrounding jungle. Webcam works around the clock, but at night the artificial lighting is very poor and see anything problematic. Virtual keys in the upper left corner of the player let you zoom in and out specific objects in the frame. I wish you have fun on this and other webcams Bali.

Warning: After writing this article, I received information that in fact elephants live in this place is not as good as it says in the brochures. Please read the comments on this page and make your right choice about this place!

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