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This Bali live webcam is located in the famous on the island safari park: Elephant Safari Park and Lodge. The park belongs to the international couple (he is from Australia, she – a native of the island of Bali), and there were all the conditions for the salvation of endangered Sumatran elephants in the living conditions that are as close to natural. The park itself is quite an impressive area (3.5 hectares) and is located in the Taro village, which in turn is located in the vicinity of Ubud. On the territory of the safari park is now home to twenty-seven elephants, and this is the largest population of these animals on the island.

If we talk specifically about this webcam Bali, is in the foreground can be seen a large pond, which is used for daily by elephants bathing and watering place, as well as the equipped safari park land, which in some way serves the role of a botanical garden. A feature of the park is that you can just visit with the purpose of sightseeing, but for  live in it for several days too, surrounded by untouched nature and rare animals, which are due to the massive deforestation in Indonesia are on the verge of extinction. On the official website of Elephant Safari Park and Lodge, you can book a comfortable bungalow in a safari park and, if desired, to take part in caring for the animals: in bathing the elephants, feeding them, etc.

Of course, you will have the opportunity and take a ride on the backs of these mighty herbivores. To do this, not far from the park there is a large fenced plot of Indonesian virgin forest with a specially paved pathway. At the top left of the window webcam playback are virtual buttons, with which you can zoom in and out objects in the video. The same can be done using a mouse wheel. A button to the right, left, up and down will help to focus your attention on a specific object. For example, for watching a  baby elephant, which bathe in the pond. Webcam works around the clock, but it is better to look in daylight in good weather. Enjoy watching!

Warning: After writing this article, I received information that in fact elephants live in this place is not as good as it says in the brochures. Please read the comments on this page and make your right choice about this place!

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    • Dillan on January 20, 2017 at 4:49 PM
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    Very cute baby elephant!

    • Anne on May 5, 2018 at 10:44 PM
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    Horrible place – elephants do not live as a herd. They are chained when they are not walking round and round and round with overweight tourists on their backs. Nothing about elephant conservation in the so-called “museum”. It is just a commercial venture fronting as wildlife venture. I felt sick after visiting here – don’t go!!!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Anne!

    • Joan Newlands on August 13, 2018 at 7:43 AM
    • Reply

    I was planning to soend my honeymoon here until I saw these poor elephants being forced to carry tourists on their backs, not to mention Anne’s observations about the elephants being CHAINED when not lugging tourists around on their backs. This is just downright CRUEL and ABUSIVE. It is necessary for elephants to throw dirt on their backs to help protect their very sensitive skin from the hot sun and insects that bite and carry infections. Obviously, if tourists are riding on the backs of these elephants, it isn’t desirable to have the elephant inadvertently throw dirt onto tourists. In order to “train” these elephants for this tourist activity, the instinct and need to throw dirt on its back is LITERALLY. BEATEN OUT OF THE ELEPHANT USING BULLHOOKS. But worse yet, the elephants handlers hide NAILS IN THEIR HANDS DURING THE TOURIST RIDES TO STAB THE ELEPHANT TO PREVENT, DISCIPLINE AND ENSURE THAT THE ELEPHANT WONT THROW DIRT ON ITS BACK. Even if these elephants are either retired or fortunate enough to be rescued, it can take YEARS for the elephant to regain its instinctual need to throw dirt on its back, and some NEVER DO.

    Despite the large size of an elephant, it’s back and spinal column is NOT PHYSICALLY DESIGNED nor is it STRONG ENOUGH to continually carry the extremely heavy benches used for the tourists to sit in during these elephant rides- the sheer weight of lugging these tourists around on their backs for HOURS; day on and out for years causes SEVERE AND CHRONIC LONGTERM PAIN AND DAMAGE IN THE BACKS OF THESE ELEPHANTS.

    It is absolutely DEPLORABLE AND REPREHENSIBLE for the this Bali Safari Park to actually claim that they are involved in the “”salvation and conservation” of the endangered Sumatran Elephants in an “environment where conditions that are natural”…there is absolutely NOTHING NATURAL ABOUT ANYTHING THESE ELEPHANTS ARE CRUELLY SUBJECTED TO ENDURE SUCH AS BEING FORCED TO CARRY HEAVY BENCHES AND TOURISTS ON THEIR BACKS AND HAVING THE NATURAL INSTINCT TO THROW DIRT ON ITS BACK BEING BEATEN OUT OF IT.

    This Safari Park is nothing but a SHAM MONEY MAKING SCHEME who is exploiting the kind hearts of tourists who want to help conserve the endangered Sumatran elephant species and who think they are contributing to this cause as a paying tourist and customer of this Safari Park. They are simply being DUPED at the expense of the physical,emotional and social needs of these magnificent yet somewhat fragile and innocent elephants. There MUST be an investigation by the numerous animal welfare and protection agencies ASAP, and ALL FORMS of elephant rides of this nature MUST BE BANNED AND MADE ILLEGAL WORLDWIDE.

    If Safari Park and other psrks like them TRULY wanted to educate their tourists about the need to conserve and protect Sumatran Elephants and ALL elephant species from potential extinction in the future, rather than conducting these elephant rides, they could REALLY attract far more paying tourists by offering a “WALK ALONGSIDE WITH AN ELEPHANT” instead, with the handlers providing educational talks with their group about the importance of preserving their natural habitats,etc., as well as ways each individual can become involved in the conservation and protection of all elephant species. This could be an extremely powerful and memorable experience for all participants and a unique opportunity for Safari Park to create a special “niche” in eco tourism that could be both lucrative AND productive…


    “And although elephants are huge creatures, their backs and spine are NOT STRONG and the weight of the benches that are strapped onto their backs

    1. I am sad to know it now 🙁

    • Joan Newlands on August 17, 2018 at 7:13 AM
    • Reply

    Director : you reply you are “sad to know it now” referring to the CRUEL and ABUSIVE elephant rides being offered at the Safari Park…So what are YOU going to do about it?? By continuing to advertise and market these deplorable elephant rides to tourists, you are directly PROMOTING AND PERPETUATING THE PROBlLEM. The ONLY way to STOP the terrible abuse that these poor, innocent elephants are forced to be subjected to is to END THESE ELEPHANT RIDES AND EDUCATE THE TOURISTS THAT THEY ARE CRUEL AND ABUSIVE. These mercenary Safari Parks disguising themselves as “sanctuaries and conservation of elephants”. MUST BE EXPOSED as the tourist traps that they are and they SHOULD NOT BE PATRONIZED, let alone PROMOTED.

    As I pointed out before, IF the Safari Park refuses to do the RIGHT thing by retiring these poor elephants to a licensed and certified sanctuary where they will be free to roam naturally and NOT EXPLOITED, them at least these Safari Parks could END the tourist rides and offer tourists a “Walk Beside the Elephants” and have the guides EDUCATE THE TOURISTS ABOUT THE PLIGHT ELEPHANTS ARE FACING WORLDWIDE AND WAYS WE CAN HELP ELEPHANTS THRIVE IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT INSTEAD OF PLUNDERING AND DESTROYING IT AND THE ELEPHANTS BY CAPTURING THEM FOR TOURIST OPPORTUNITIES.

    So, I ask you again: WHAT WILL YOU DO TO END THIS PATTERN IF ABUSE? I am eagerly awaiting your response and suggestions….

    • Joan newlands on August 17, 2018 at 7:35 PM
    • Reply

    Well, now you know how terribly these elephants suffer. You could help them by refusing to promote and advertise these abusive elephant rides which only perpetuates the cruel abuse these elephants are forced to endure, and Refuse to to business with ANY entity who does. This is an oppo4tunity for you to educate those who offer elephant rides just how horribly abusive and damaging they are to these elephants.
    So many people would LOVE an opportunity to become more involved with the conservation of these beautiful animals, and I can almost guarantee you that they would MUCH PREFER to walk WITH an elephant and feed it treats while learning more about them, rather than riding on their backs thst causes so much chronic pain and physical problems for these poor elephants. Instead of being part of the problem, you have s unique opportunity to be part of the SOLUTION, and I truly hope you will take my comments into consideration and help rgesecekephants. Thank you.

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