Danube embankment in Budapest – online webcam

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New webcam in the capital city of Hungary, is located on the right bank of the Danube River, near the famous Budapest University of Technology and Economics and in close proximity to Petőfi bridge. In the foreground of this webcam, you can see just two streets, which are arranged in parallel but at different levels with respect to the Danube River, which flows nearby and is the central object of the webcam of Budapest. Also you can see in the center of one of the river piers, which is connected to the shore of metal structures. You can not see the Petőfi Bridge, next to which is set this webcam, but left in the background you can see half of another ancient bridge in Budapest – Liberty Bridge – and the dome of the several main town Cathedrals.

The capital of Hungary is often called one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and people compare this with the city of Paris. Of course, for this there are many reasons, because Budapest is really a very beautiful city with a unique architecture. However, apart from old buildings, bridges and cathedrals, in Budapest, and there are more modern buildings. One of these buildings of glass, steel and concrete, you can see on the opposite bank of the Danube River. The building was constructed several years ago and has been called “glass whale” because of its shape is very similar to the body contours of this vast sea inhabitant. Currently located within the exhibition halls New Gallery Budapest, conference facilities, as well as designer boutiques, cafés and restaurants, where everyone can spend a good time.

Despite the fact that Budapest has a very large area on both sides of the Danube, almost everywhere along the waterfront road passes. Therefore, an important feature of the building is its location directly on the first line of the river, “glass whale” is located between the three buildings of the old warehouses. As a result, between the buildings and the river there is only a portion of the pedestrian promenade and bike path. And if you walking from the “glass whale” to the direction of the north (in the thoron Freedom Bridge), you can see one of the long benches in Europe, which is parallel to the embankment of the Danube River. This webcam Budapest works in 24/7 mode and runs automatically on a page. At night you can see the bright illumination of bridges, buildings, galleries, lights which periodically changes color. Enjoy watching!

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