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The main object of this online webcam Budapest is the Danube River and very beautiful Szechenyi Chain Bridge, which connects the two banks of the river. Given the fact that on these shores are located two towns that form the capital of Hungary – Buda and Pest – we can say that this is a real bridge between the cities. Széchenyi Bridge, which is located in the central part of the web-camera, has a long history, because it was designed back in 1839 by the talented English engineer Adam Clark. Inauguration of the Széchenyi Bridge was in 1849 and it was a very significant event. And it’s not just the beauty of the bridge, but in the grandeur of this structure in the middle of the 19th century. Suffice it to say that at that time the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest was the largest bridge in the world, which the Hungarians can be proud of. Actual name the bridge received by the name of Count István Széchenyi, who was the initiator of the construction.

Unfortunately the bridge structure that we currently we can see with using this and other Budapest webcams is not completely original construction of the mid-19th century. During World War II, the construction of the bridge was partially damaged (sometimes very strong) and only 4 years after the end of the war – in 1949 – Szechenyi Bridge in Budapest was rebuilt and acquired its original appearance. As before, the bridge connects the cities of Buda and Pest, and stretches from Roosevelt Square (in Pest) till Adam Clark Square (in Buda). In addition to the overall architectural appeal, the bridge is decorated with large figures of lions and the coat of arms of Hungary. With this Budapest webcam you can not see all the parts of the bridge, but two high pylon and chain design can be considered. At night, the bridge has a beautiful illumination, which is reflected in the waters of the Danube.

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