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With this live webcam in New York with sound, we can see another attraction of this city – the round square of Columbus or the Columbus Circle. Being one of the most famous and popular for tourists visiting the metropolis, Columbus Circle is located on the island of Manhattan at the intersection of the Eighth Avenue and Broadway. Also an excellent landmark is the famous Central Park of New York (south-west corner of park is borders with Columbus Circle). Around the square is organized a circular movement, which is clearly visible with the help of this webcam in New YorkAt the same time, with the 8th Avenue and Broadway on Columbus Square, West 58th Street intersects, as well as the Central Park West and Central Park South streets.

Speaking directly about the Columbus Circle itself, it was built in the early 20th century, and the marble monument to the famous seafarer Christopher Columbus was inaugurated in 1892. The installation of the monument was timed to official celebrations on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. Because This Genoese navigator is still respected in the North and South America, the United States celebrates the Columbus Day annually on the second Monday of October (the real “discovery of America” (or rather, in the beginning of the Bahamas) occurred on October 12). The Columbus monument of marble is located on a 21-meter tall rostral column of granite, which is decorated with rostrals – the noses of ships. You can see them with the help of this New York City Earthcam webcam in the daytime.

Since Columbus Square is not only a city landmark, but also one of the most important ring traffic that distributes the transport of the city, several interesting facts can be mentioned. First, Columbus Circle is the “zero mile” of New York, that is, A place from which it is customary to count all distances in the city. And an important historical fact is that the creator of the square was an American businessman William Phelps Ino, who made a real revolution in creating traffic rules. It was for the first time in the world that Ino made the rules of the road in the city, came up with one-way streets, safety islets between traffic flows, pedestrian crossings, taxi parkings, traffic intersections and ring traffic, one of which we can see with this webcam New York in real time.

It is curious that in the early 20th century there were still few cars in New York, and the urban movement was hampered by a large number of horse-drawn carriages. After the implementation of the ideas of William Phelps Ino, the urban movement of New York was naturally optimized and a little later this experience was moved to other cities in the US and the world. By the way, the excessive concern for pedestrians, which Mr. Ino betrayed so much importance, is partly due to the fact that cars in the city became more and more, and the businessman himself did not learn how to drive a car. The webcam of New York with a view of Columbus Square works around the clock, but at night the lighting does not allow you to view everything in detail. Enjoy watching!

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