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This webcam is located in the popular seaside resort in the north-eastern part of Italy. The island resort called Sottomarina and bordering the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea, the coast of which you can see with the help of this online webcams. The opposite (western) side of the  Sottomarina  island bordered by the Venice lagoon and the south – the river Brenta, which separates the island from mainland Italy. Due to the fact that in Venice itself no large sandy beaches, many tourists and locals choose as a place of a beach holiday is the resort Sottomarina. That is why web cam from the coast of the Adriatic Sea is included in the compilation of Venice online webcams. First of all, in the foreground you can see the modern highway, and later you can see outside of a road  – the territory of wide beach, which occupies almost the entire length of the east coast of the island.

The beach is not deserted – you can see a lot of small buildings, which while relaxing on the beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas, drinks and snacks, full lunch and dinner in cafes and restaurants, rent items for outdoor activities, rent a bike or scooter. Some parts of the beach is fenced, because It belongs to the local boarding houses and hotels, and are intended only for their guests. If you look at this webcam from the neighboring island of Venice in the winter season, you can see the big waves of the Adriatic Sea on the beach. In the summer the same time until the end of the tourist season in the fall wave is much smaller, and the number of tourists on the beach is much higher. The resort is not have a traditional sea promenade, so all fans of boating should be sent to the northern tip of the island, where the piers begins Venetian Lagoon. This webcam installed at the Hotel Park Chioggia and you can book a comfortable room in this hotel on his official website (available for a direct link). Enjoy viewing this live webcam and your travel in Venice!

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