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Bingin beach is located almost at the southernmost tip of the island, so getting to it from the capital of the island – the city of Denpasar – or from the popular area of Kuta beach is quite simple and such a trip will not take many time and too much money. If you are lucky enough to open this webcam in Bali at a time when the sun is shining in this area of the island, you can see the magnificent turquoise color of the ocean waves and the many surfers for whom this beach, like other beaches of Bali, has become a favorite place for classes Surfing on the island. If the weather is not too sunny, the color of the ocean waves from the height seems much less bright and pleasing to the eyes. In general, the best time to view Bali webcam on Bingin beach is the morning and evening hours.

As a rule, at this time the ocean is painted in the brightest colors, and the waves are relatively low. Separately, we should mention the evening time on the beach. Since Bungin beach is located on the west side of the island, from here you can see magnificent sunsets over the ocean. It is no coincidence that buses with tourists often come here and on several neighboring beaches, the main purpose of which is the beautiful sunset in Bali. For swimming, this beach is better suited during the tide, when the waves near the shore are minimal, and you can swim near the sandy beach. At low tide, you can also swim (if there are permissive flags on the beach), but you must be careful – there are stones in the water that are easy to get injured. This Bali webcam overlooking Bingin Beach is provided by BaliForum channel, and the installation site is the guesthouse Nomina Villas Pecatu, located on a cliff above the beach.

It should be noted that the cost of living in this area of Bali is significantly different, depending on the specific location of the housing. The cheapest houses are located at the bottom of the beach. Typically, these are small rooms without conveniences and often without windows, i.e. Only a bed and a ceiling fan are provided. For the most surfers are quite enough, but if you prefer a greater level of comfort, on a high cliff above the beach there are a number of hotels and guesthouses with all amenities, but not too cheap. However, if you find pictures on the Internet from Bingin Beach, you will understand why hotel owners do not want to reduce prices, because the views from the rooms and outdoor pools over the ocean are simply stunning. This beauty is difficult to describe – you need to see. This Bali webcam from Bingin beach is open around the clock, but at night there is practically nothing to see because of lack of lighting. Enjoy watching!

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