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This Nice webcam is located on the main city beach, so it allows you to see a large plot of waterfront, many hotels on the coast and the Mediterranean itself. The natural bay, on the banks of which is Nice, has the beautiful name of the Bay of Angels. There are several versions of getting this name. Often you can hear that the bay got such a name after Adam and Eve were moved here after being banished from Paradise, and they were brought here by angels, who were struck by the paradise beauty of this place. No less popular is the theory that the main reason for this name is angelfish, which live in the bay, a special kind of small sharks whose fins look like wings. Unfortunately, this type of fish now does not occur in the Mediterranean and in general is on the verge of extinction. However, the Bay of the Angels, and many years ago and now, still attracts tourists with its beauty, which unfortunately can not fully convey by any of the live webcams of Nice.

As you can see, the city of Nice is not located on a flat land. After a small flat area near the coastline, large hills, which are the foothills of the Primorski Alps (the southeastern part of the Alpine mountains), begin. Such a landscape helps maintain a unique climate in the area of ​​the French Riviera, which pleases locals and tourists almost all year round. In addition, even those hotels in Nice, which are not located on the first line of the sea, can please the guests with rooms overlooking the sea. Because after the farther the hotel from the sea, the higher on the hill it is located. With the help of this Nice webcam you can see online a wide section of the beach in the Bay of Angels online and get a real-time view of the weather in the resort and the number of people on the beach.

As you can see, on the beach of Nice there are plots with sun beds and umbrellas, as well as lots without beach equipment. The first are paid beaches, and the second – public beaches, where you can relax cheaply, but without the usual amenities (even the shower is not everywhere). This webcam works around the clock, so you can look at the Bay of the Angels not only during the day, but also in the dark. Especially in cases where you live not in Europe, but in the US, Canada, Asia or Australia. This  webcam in Nice starts automatically after the page loads (sometimes you have to wait a few seconds for the streaming video to load). Also you can use the virtual button at the bottom of the playback window in order to view the Nice webcam with a view of the Bay of Angels in full screen mode. Enjoy watching and relax in Nice!

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