Alanya Webcam – Embankment and Red Tower

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Live webcam of Alanya, which was added to the selection of the best webcams in Turkey in 2017, is located in one of the most popular place of this resort – near the port and the city’s waterfront. In contrast to the first webcam in Alanya, which was previously added to (at the nearby beach of Cleopatra), the new webcam is located in the historic area of the city, which is on the left ( eastern side) of the ancient fortress on the hill. Incidentally, the walls, you can see with using this webcam, because most of them can best be seen from this side of a large cape, which once become a great place for the construction on its top defensive fort. However, the remains of an ancient fortress on a hill – not the main attractions of Alanya, which you can see with the help of this online webcams.

A little closer at the foot of a cliff in Alanya is located the famous Red Tower – the main symbol of the city, which you can find almost on the all of postcards and souvenirs of this resort in Turkey, as well on the flag of Alanya. The locals call the tower Kizil Kule, which in Turkish means “Red Tower”. This octagonal tower has a height of 33 meters and a diameter of 29 meters, ie height of the tower is not much higher than its width. In the tower you can find five floors, and the top is an observation deck, where you can climb for a fee (85 steps). Externally, the tower does not seem too old, but in reality it was built in the mid 13th century. And last restoration was carried out in 1959 (if you walk next to the tower during your holiday in Alanya, you can see the new bricks on the top floor of the red tower).

For many centuries, the red tower was used to defend the port and situated at the foot of the fortress shipyard. Currently, this area of Alanya is also used like a city port where dozens of moored yachts and private vessels, which are normally used for marine excursions at the resort, and as a venue for foam disco in the sea. Embankment of Alanya, which you can see in the foreground, is very picturesque. Here there are a large number of beautiful palm trees and other ornamental shrubs. According stone sea piers you can stroll towards the sea, and if you go left, be sure to visit the beautiful park – with waterfalls, streams, and wooden bridges. I really like this area of Alanya and while relaxing in Alanya I prefer this area of the city for booking of hotels in Alanya, or tours to this country. I wish you enjoy watching!

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