A view from the Shard London Tower – live webcam

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A new live webcam in London, which allows you to see in real time the large territory of this famous city. The capital of Great Britain is one of the largest cities in the world in terms of the area of ​​the city territory. At the same time, less than 9 million people live in the urban area of ​​London, but taking into account the suburbs, this figure is increased to 12.5 million. As you can see, the very location of this London webcam is a very high point above the horizon. Therefore, all the bridges on the Thames and buildings, even high cathedrals, look small. This visual effect is explained simply enough: this London webcam is located on the observation deck of the tallest building in London in the Shard London Tower.

At the time of the completion of the construction (June 2012), the Shard London Tower was the tallest building in Europe, as the height of this 87-storey building of glass, metal and concrete reaches 310 meters. As of mid-2018, the Shard London Tower is still on the list of the tallest buildings in Europe, but only in 5th place. The building was built using a special crane in less than 3.5 years. In translation from English, Shard means a fragment, and this name perfectly corresponds to the appearance of the building. The tower was designed in the form of an elongated irregular pyramid, the facades of which are lined with thousands of glass panels. As a result, the tower really looks like an externally sharp piece of glass. The viewing platform on which this London webcam is located is the highest not only in London, but also in the whole of the UK.

In the central part of the webcam we can see the majestic Thames – the main river of the capital. There are a lot of bridges on the river and with this camera online you can see five of them (Tower Bridge is not visible, but you can see it in detail from a separate webcam of London available on the site). Also on the left side of the webcam playback window you can see the famous London Eye. The height of the wheel is 135 meters, but it looks very small from the top, because the height of the Shard London Tower exceeds the height of the survey wheel by more than two times. The observation deck on the top of the Shard London Tower quickly became a popular attraction for residents of London and visitors of the city, as only the passengers of helicopters could see the capital of Great Britain from such a height earlier. By the way, at a cost of visiting at 20 pounds, building construction can pay off in just 10 years.

A distinctive feature of this live webcam in London, broadcasted by Theviewfromtheshard, is the ability to use the timeline at the bottom of the playback window. With the help of a computer mouse, you can choose to view any time interval, starting from the current time up to 24 hours ago. This allows you to see London, not only in the daytime, but at night, when look of this city changes significantly due to the bright illumination of modern buildings, streets and bridges. I’m sure such an opportunity will be highly appreciated by those site visitors who live in other time zones and want to see day or night London, regardless of their actual location. In order to return to viewing London in real time, you need to click on the red button Live at the bottom right. Enjoy watching!

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