Westminster Palace and Big Ben – live webcam London

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A new live webcam London, which allows you to see several main city attractions in real time. In the foreground of this webcam is the Westminster Bridge over the Thames. A little further (on the opposite bank of the river) we can see one of the most important buildings in the whole of the United Kingdom – the Palace of Westminster. To the right of it there is another attraction, which is a symbol of London and is depicted on most tourist postcards and souvenirs from England. Of course, this is a clock tower, which many foreigners call Big Ben, but in reality it has a completely different name. Currently, the tower is closed for large-scale reconstruction and is surrounded by scaffolding, so it’s not so easy to see it in detail with this online webcam in London.

Westminster Bridge, connecting the two administrative regions of London – Lambo and Westminster – has six pillars and has seven arches – the largest number of arches among all London bridges. The bridge is 26 meters wide and it has car and pedestrian traffic. The length of the Westminster Bridge is 252 meters, which is 8 meters more than the length of the Tower Bridge. One of the distinctive features of this bridge in London is its original green color, symbolizing the color of the armchairs in the House of Commons, which is located next to the bridge – in the Palace of Westminster. Under the arches of the bridge there is a navigable movement (river transport and boats), and bus routes pass through the bridge (with the help of this web camera you can see the famous London red double-decker buses).

A large neo-Gothic building on the opposite bank of the Thames – Westminster Palace. In this building accepts the most important decisions for the UK, because it is here that the two houses of the British Parliament sit: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The first Westminster Palace was built at the beginning of the last millennium, but the current building was built almost from scratch after a major fire in 1834. Of the more ancient buildings, only the Tower of Treasures and the Reception Hall have been preserved. Outwardly, the palace does not seem very large, but in reality there are 1100 rooms in the building, which are connected by means of five kilometers of corridors. The highest point of the Palace of Westminster is 98.5 meters high. It is Victoria Tower, which located to the left of the webcam.

The second tower of the palace is only 2 meters lower, but it is a symbol of the whole of Great Britain. It is the tower closest to the bridge and to this webcam in London, called the Tower of Elizabeth. And it is at the top of this tower is the famous London clock, in the design of which there is a giant bell called Big Ben. By the way, until 2012 the Tower of Elizabeth had a different name – the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster. In some ways, the tower is “falling”, but the slope is quite small – about 44 centimeters at the top. Of course, with such large dimensions of the tower, we can not notice the tilt with a webcam, broadcasted by the London Marriott Hotel County Hall. At the end of August 2017, the clock on the tower sounded for the last time before a long break.

According to the plan, the reconstruction of the tower and the clock will be completed only by the beginning of 2021. To see all the described sights of London in real time and in maximum quality, you can deploy this webcam to the full screen and select the optimal quality of streaming video in the standard Youtube settings (up to 1080p). I wish you all a pleasant viewing and an exciting virtual trip to London!

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