Street of bars in Gumbet (Bodrum) – Turkey webcam


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This is Turkey’s second webcam in the resort village of Gumbet, one of the districts of Bodrum. Unlike the first webcam, which is located on the coast and provides an overview of the sea panorama of the Gumbet Bay, this webcam shows one of the coastal quarters of this town. Gumbet gained the greatest fame thanks to the active nightlife. Resting here, you have the opportunity every day to visit several bars and for a few weeks not visit all bars, because there are more than 50 of them here. Also in the village of Gumbet there are several well-known night discos. As a result, you can see the greatest activity of guests of the resort not in the daytime, when tourists sleep off after a stormy night in hotel rooms or relax on the beach, but after dark.

Since the webcam is in the city, we can observe life at the resort and at night, thanks to good artificial lighting. Especially since the street of bars is located directly in front of this webcam of Turkey in the village of Gumbet. After sunset, in numerous bars, lights and neon signs come on, which attract tourists like a magnet. And after 10:00 pm, popular discos and night clubs in the village of Gumbet open their doors to entertain guests of the resort with good music and hot drinks until dawn. Popular night clubs include Sapphire Night Club, Moss Club Bodrum, Pasha Club, Sebastian and others.

Resting in the village of Gumbet or visiting the area during your holiday in Bodrum, you will surely find a night institution that you will like thanks to good music, interesting design and comfortable atmosphere for you. And if you prefer to look at the sea with the help of Turkey webcams, then this webcam may also appeal to you. In the background we can see a section of the Aegean Sea and a long rocky cape, which is the natural boundary between the main part of Bodrum and the village of Gumbet. The webcam is open around the clock, but the best time to view the sea is daylight. After sunset it is more interesting to watch the nightlife of the resort. Enjoy watching!

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