Panorama of Keykubat beach in Alanya (Turkey)


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New webcam Alanya, which was added to the list of the best webcams in Turkey in 2019. A special feature of the resort of Alanya is the presence of a high hill with an ancient fortress that divides Alanya into two parts. This camera is located in the eastern part of the resort, near the port and the waterfront. In the foreground you can see a small square with palm trees and other tropical vegetation, as well as a parking lot in front of the Alanya City Hall, on the facade of which this webcam was fixed. However, the greatest interest is the panorama of the entire Keykubat beach, which is the longest in Alanya and occupies the entire east coast of this Turkish resort. The beach starts in the port area, to the right of this Turkey webcam.

The length of Keykubat Beach is about five kilometers, and Turkey’s highly located webcam allows you to see the entire panorama of this beach. Unlike Cleopatra’s beach, which is located in the western part of Alanya, Keykubat beach is not have so fine golden sand. Here you will find areas with soft fine sand, and areas with larger sand, and several sections of a pebble beach. The seabed on Keykubut beach is gently sloping, so it’s convenient to rest here with the children. At the same time, in some areas there may be sharp stones in the water, therefore it is better to use special shoes while swimming. You should also be careful with the concrete breakwaters that are in some areas of the beach. They are under water and heavily eroded by the waves, so walking around them can be unsafe.

Otherwise, this is a very good beach for recreation, which has many advantages over Cleopatra’s beach. The clean water on Keykubat beach is confirmed by the blue flag, and for the convenience of guests of this resort there is all the necessary infrastructure. You can find beach umbrellas and deck chairs rental throughout the beach, as well as the main water activities: banana riding, parasailing, yachting, foam night discos, etc. Keykubat beach has the main historical sights – a defensive fortress on the hill and the Red Tower (you can see them using other Alanya (Turkey) webcams on the site. Finally, at night, Keykubat beach offers a very picturesque view of the fortress wall, which is located on a hill and has a bright backlight. Enjoy your viewing.

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