Old Town Hall Tower and main square – Webcam Prague


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With this web cam in Prague you can admire the historic center in capital of Czech Republic, which is the most popular holiday destination for many tourists and guests of the city. And you can do it in real time. According to many reputable travel publication, The Old Town Square in Prague is the most beautiful square in Europe, because it is a complete ensemble of architectural buildings and monuments, which nevertheless belong to a completely different styles: Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo. In spite of such a mixture of architectural styles, everything looks very harmoniously and solemnly. Old Town Square with the surrounding buildings is one of the major national cultural monuments of the Czech Republic.

Directly into the lens of this webcam of Prague gets only part of the area and one of its main buildings: the town hall, built in the 14th century. In front of the web camera is located famous astronomical clock, which was installed in the town hall in 1410. The clock, called the Prague Orloj are functioning properly to this day (although in their long history there were also several stops), so any tourist usually loves to consider the position of the Moon, the Sun, the North Star, and the individual constellations at the moment. Unfortunately, the quality of the video web camera does not allow to consider the fine details at the Town Hall and the famous clock. especially in low light and overcast conditions. Somewhat better is the case in a bright sunny day, but even then the detalisation is poor.

An even greater interest for tourists in Prague and those who are watching the clock with the help of this live webcam Prague, is a mini-spectacle, taking place on the astronomical clock. Therefore, before the start of each new hour in front of the clock is going to a big crowd to see and film the mini-view, in which small windows above the hours open, and there appear moving Apostles figures and as a symbol of death – the skeleton – rings a bell and raises hourglass. Ends representation cry cock and chimes. By the way, this web camera with sound, so you can personally do not only see but also hear the presentation! The buttons allow to deploy the image to fill the screen and adjust the sound level from a webcam in Prague – in the bottom left corner. As in some other webcams from EarthCam you can use virtual buttons “+” and “-” to zoom and the arrows to rotate the camera on the bottom left of the screen. I wish you all enjoy watching!

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