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The original live webcam of New York, allowing in real time to see the most famous bridge of this metropolis. At the time of construction, the Brooklyn Bridge was the largest of the suspension bridges in the world, and even today its size and appearance are impressive, especially near. In 2015, 100 years have passed since the 1825-meter suspension bridge became known as the Brooklyn Bridge. Prior to this, since the opening in May 1893, the bridge was called “The Bridge of New York and Brooklyn.” The webcam is installed on one of the high-rise buildings on the shores of the East River Strait, so the view of the bridge turns out really beautiful and picturesque at any time of the day, because this online webcam in New York broadcasts around the clock and starts automatically after the page is loaded.

Brooklyn Bridge has long been a symbol of New York and one of the main attractions of this giant metropolis. Moreover, this bridge with confidence can be called one of the most recognizable in the world, along with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Tower Bridge in London, which was built just a year after the construction of the bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The massive supports and pylons of the Brooklyn Bridge are made of granite, cement and limestone, and in the process of its construction, which lasted almost 13 years, for the first time in the world steel rods were used. At the time of opening, the cost of building the bridge exceeded $ 15 million. However, do not be in a hurry to be surprised at such a small amount: taking into account inflation, this figure for today would be about 0.5 billion.

The very design of the Brooklyn Bridge is quite original, as can be easily seen by carefully viewing the image from this online webcam in New York, broadcasted by EarthCam. The two wide parts on the sides are used for road traffic, and in the central part of the bridge, on some elevation, there is a road for cyclists and pedestrians, which has made the Brooklyn Bridge a popular place for walking and playing sports in New York. By the way, not always residents of the city were sure of the strength of construction of this bridge. About a week after the opening, rumors arose that the bridge could collapse, and this caused the сrowding of peopleand death of more than 10 people. Only when a herd of 21 elephants from circus passed through the bridge, everyone was convinced of the strength and reliability of the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is another interesting historical fact: in the 1950s a large secret shelter with a supply of food was equipped in one of the pillars of the bridge. It was discovered only in 2006, during the repair work. In order to emphasize the main architectural features of the bridge, it has been equipped with special illumination since 1980. Of course, since then the lighting and decorative lighting have been updated many times and now conform to the most modern standards. That’s why even at night you can watch the Brooklyn Bridge in real time with this webcam in New York. Also you can always use the virtual buttons in the upper left corner to bring the bridge closer, see its architectural features and traffic that is observed on the bridge at any time of the day. I wish you pleasant viewing!

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