Montmartre Paris webcam – view of the Sacré Coeur Basilica

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New webcam in Paris in real time, with which we can at any time of the day see one of the most popular areas of the French capital – Montmartre. This famous hill is the highest point in Paris and a place that tourists seek to visit during a visit to this city. The main architectural attraction of the area is the majestic Sacré Coeur Basilica. The name of this Catholic church translates as “Temple of the Sacred Heart” (meaning the heart of Jesus Christ). The temple is located on the very top of the Montmartre hill, which has a height of 130 meters above sea level.

The height of the temple is not much lower than the height of the hill: the main dome rises 83 meters, and the bell tower of the cathedral has a height of almost 100 meters. By the way, with the help of this webcam in Paris, it seems that the rectangular bell tower is lower than the big round tower in the center of the cathedral. Such an optical illusion occurs due to the fact that the bell tower is located at a greater distance from the webcam. From the top of the Montmartre hill offers a magnificent view of most of Paris. And from the top of the bell tower or basilica tower, you can admire the panoramic view of Paris and its surroundings for 50 km (in clear weather).

Due to its location on a high hill and the height of the temple, it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Only the famous Eiffel Tower rises higher in Paris than the bell tower of the Sacré Coeur Basilica. The construction of the temple was begun in 1885 and lasted for more than 30 years, therefore the temple was consecrated only after the end of the First World War – in 1919. The construction of the temple was complicated by the lack of strength of the soil on the hill of Montmartre. To strengthen it, 80 wells were dug at a depth of 40 meters, which became a kind of piles for the foundation of the temple.

Among other interesting facts, it can be noted that the bell tower of the temple houses one of the largest bells in the world. Its weight is almost 19 tons, and the language of this bell weighs about 850 kg. The Sacré Coeur Basilica always remains white thanks to its workmanship. The temple was built of rare limestone, which, during contact with water, is covered with white bloom and does not absorb dirt and urban smog. The broadcast of this webcam is provided by ParisTV using Youtube, so you can select the maximum video quality using standard settings. Enjoy watching!

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