Live webcam Nice – panorama of the Promenade des Anglais

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With the help of this live webcam Nice in real time, we can see a large stretch of the Promenade des Anglais  – the most popular place for walking in the city and in the entire French Riviera. A live webcam is placed in such a way that in enters its lens you can see large area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea, the beach and the embankment of the resort, as well as a small section of the highway that runs along the sea and is very picturesque due to the multitude of palm trees. Nice is located in one of the most favorable climatic regions of Europe, so the bright sunny weather here is observed for most of the calendar year. As a result, watching any webcam in Nice (France) is always pleasant and interesting, and such a view is able to easily improve your mood even when there is a cold and cloudy day in your city.

Since the location of this webcam is the central part of Nice, and the webcam itself is turned in the direction of the western part of the city, in the lens gets about half of the English embankment, the total length of which is more than six kilometers. Those, with the help of this web camera you can see a site longer than three kilometers. Of course, the objects located at such a distance can not be seen in detail. But when you know that in the background the English embankment connects with airport of Nice, you will be able to deploy this webcam on the whole screen and notice the landing planes, that deliver the lucky passengers to this famous French resort.

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice did not always have the kind how it can be seen right now while visiting the resort or using one of Nice’s webcams in real time. About a hundred years ago, practically along the entire length of the quay, there were luxurious private villas and mansions with palm gardens, owned by wealthy Englishmen, who chose this city in France for living in the winter season, when the UK had raw and cold weather that promoted the development of tuberculosis. By the way, the name of the embankment was just for the reason that it was the British who repeatedly allocated considerable money for the reconstruction of beaches and the construction of the very embankment, which became the best place for an evening promenade on the French Riviera.

Nowadays, instead of most of the mansions and villas on the first line from the sea, multi-storey houses with luxury apartments and expensive hotels are built, where not only wealthy tourists stop, but also numerous stars of show business, cinema and sports. However, the historic buildings on the Promenade des Anglais have also been preserved. For example, the luxurious Hotel Negresco, which was built in 1912, whose classical architecture still produces a strong impression (you can see photos of the hotel and its price by reference). The main attraction of this place – Le Palais de la Mediterranee (Mediterranean Palace) – is an obligatory sightseeing site on the Nice Promenade des Anglais. Live webcam Nice works around the clock, while you can open the webcam in full screen. For security purposes, the webcam is currently working with some time delay (note the timer in the upper right corner of the webcam). Enjoy watching!

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