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Balangan beach (Pantai Balangan) is located in the southern tip of the island of Bali, on the rocky peninsula of Bukit. Despite the small distance of Denpasar airport (only 25 km) and the neighborhood with the resort of Kuta – one of the main places of residence for tourists in Bali, Balangan beach and its surroundings are a very wild and secluded holiday destination. With this Bali webcam you can see how big there can be waves even near the shore, so Balangan beach is not the best place for beach rest and swimming. At the same time, it is the big waves that make Balangan beach an excellent place for experienced surfers. Almost at any time of the year there are a lot of those who flew to the island of Bali for the sake of surfing and you can see them on the boards in the sea.

In addition to the ocean area near the beach, with the help of this camera online in the lower right corner you can see a small section of the beach (visible only at low tide). As it was already written above, this beach is more suitable for experienced surfers, because the waves here are at least sloping, but they are fast enough, and the rocks in the water are very sharp. Also you need to know, that there are no rescuers on the beach. A distinctive feature of the beach is the limestone cliffs, located along the perimeter of the beach. It is they who attract ordinary tourists to the area of ​​Balangan, who come here to admire the beautiful sea panorama from a bird’s-eye view. The best place for this is the observation deck, located on the rock to the right of the beach. By the way, this area is often used for conducting beautiful wedding ceremonies.

If you still want to enjoy a traditional beach holiday on Balangan Beach, then you should be prepared for the fact that the 700-meter-long beach itself consists of soft white sand, on which it is pleasant to walk barefoot. But the seabed in the beach area is rocky and has many depressions in the rocks, sometimes sharp. The rocks are partially covered with a layer of green algae that are exposed during low tide. Please note that because of strong tides, Balangan beach can be completely flooded and rest there may not be possible. Therefore, before visiting the beach, it is better to get acquainted with the schedule of tides in Bali. By the way, you can go down from the rocks to the beach only by a stone staircase in the northern part of Balangan.

There is also an infrastructure on the beach: you can go to school in surfing, do yoga, attend massages and dine at local cafes. However, prices are not the lowest on the island: food and drinks cost about twice as much as in non-tourist areas. For example, a bottle of beer costs here 2-2,5 USD, and fried rice – 1,3-1,5 USD per serving. At the same time renting a beach umbrella and a sunbed will cost 3-3.5 USD per day. Broadcast of webcam from Padang Padang beach provides Surfline – the world’s best surf guide that provides useful information about weather, wind speed and wave conditions in all popular surfing spots in the world. The webcam works around the clock, but at night visibility is limited due to lack of lighting. Enjoy viewing and rest in Bali!

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