Alanya webcam – Ataturk Park on Cleopatra beach


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Another webcam on the famous Cleopatra beach in Alanya (Turkey). This webcam is located almost on the beach, but with the help of it we can see only the most eastern part of this beach, in close proximity to the fortress hill. This is due to the fact that the webcam is turned in the direction of Ataturk Park, the largest and most beautiful in this Turkish resort. Atatürk Park is about 450 meters wide at its widest point and about 950 meters long. This is really a beautiful and well-maintained park, which the locals and all the guests of the city gladly visit, and they do it more than once. The landscape designers of Ataturk Park did their best, because this park turned out to be truly picturesque and pleasant for walking.

Everywhere there are beautiful curved paths, neatly trimmed bushes and trees, always perfectly trimmed lawns. The park has many flowers and flowering trees, there are street gym equipment and sports fields. You can relax on the numerous wooden benches in the park. Numerous artificial ponds with bridges and fountains look especially picturesque. And at night, all this adorns the well-thought-out artificial lighting, which creates a festive mood and makes you return to this park again and again. Especially if your hotel is located in the western part of Alanya, i.e. near Cleopatra beach. If you live in the eastern (historical) part of Alanya and cannot visit Ataturk Park on a daily basis, I advise you to get acquainted with a similar park near the city hall, not far from the port of Alanya. Of course, it has a smaller size, but in general, the same picturesque.

Often, tourists combine a visit to Ataturk Park along with a visit to Damlatas Cave – the main attraction in the Cleopatra beach area in Alanya. The cave entrance is located at the eastern end of Cleopatra Beach, which is also visible with this Alanya webcam. This deep multi-tiered cave is notable for beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Also you can to visit Ataturk Park if you want to see the resort from a bird’s eye view. For the convenience of tourists, in 2017, a hill cable car to fortress was built in Alanya. Ticket offices and the funicular landing site are also located close to Ataturk Park and the entrance to Damlatas Cave. This Turkey webcam overlooking Atatürk Park in Alanya works around the clock, seven days a week. You can see in the upper right corner a timer with the current date and time in Alanya. Enjoy watching!

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